Product Questions

Are the herbs organic?

Currently we are not certified organic. However, we use all organic practices to grow these herbs and are working towards our organic certification.

What do you do with all of the herbs that you grow?

We make them into a line of herbal products including herbal teas, soap, salve, infused oils, lip balm and seasoning blends. All of the material for our line of herbal products was grown at UGArden. If we run out of an ingredient, we won’t sell that product until the following year.

Where are you products sold?

 We currently have 2 on-farm events a year where we sell our herbal products. We have a holiday market that happens at the end of November, and a spring medicinal herb plant sale that happens at the end of April. Beyond that, we sell our products at the State Botanical Garden Gift Shop, the Market at Tate at the Tate Student Center and Community.


What do you do with all the money you make?

The profit goes directly towards growing the business by buying more supplies and equipment that we need as we scale up, and paying someone to run the program. Your support through volunteering or purchasing products from us means that we can continue to grow and reach more students.

Our goal is to make UGArden Herbs a self-sustaining student-run herb business, where students can get hands-on experience in growing, processing and packaging medicinal herbs, product development, marketing, and entrepreneurship, to name a few.

    Farm Questions

    How do I get involved?

    Learn more about getting involved by going to THIS page. 

    Do you teach classes?

    I am not currently teaching classes for the community, but I will update our event page when I do.

    Can anyone come and volunteer?

    Yes! Volunteering is open to anyone! Go to our volunteer page EngageGeorgia to find events. Usually we offer Tuesday afternoon and Thursday morning events for helping with the herbs.

    Do I need to be a student to intern?

    To get class credit, you must be a UGA student and sign up for the internship course. There is no prerequisite and you don’t need to have any farming or herb experience to be an herb intern. Additionally, if you want to intern and are willing to make the commitment of time for the semester, we do offer internship opportunities for non-students. Email njfuller@uga.edu to request more info.