Our Story

A small medicinal garden was founded back in 2012 by Maisie Loo, Master Gardener, who found her niche teaching students and community members about the process of turning fresh herbs into medicinal teas. After retiring in 2017, the herb program was turned over to Noelle Joy, a UGA Double Dawg, who did her masters research on holy basil, a primary ingredient in many of our teas.

The herbs are grown using organic practices. Once harvested, they are air dried, processed, and eventually mixed together to form a line of herbal products that are sold in the community.

In 2018 UGArden Herbs recieved an Experiential Learning grant from the University of Georgia. The grant paid for a part-time salary for one year for the program manager to build the UGArden Herbs business, and collaborate with students from different disciplines on campus. It led to collaborations with the New Media Institute, UGA Entrepreneurship, Agribusiness, Freshman Odyssey and more! We have been able to connect with students, and offer opportunities to get involved in areas ranging from organic herb cultivation, business, finances, marketing, technology and event promotion. 

We have also started an internship where UGA students can get class credit to work in the medicinal herb program and learn about growing herbs and making herbal products. 

UGArden Herbs is a wonderful place to learn and grow. Keep reading to see all the products we make, and ways that you can get involved!


Noelle Joy

UGArden Herbs Program Manager


Is in love with her work.  She has a passion for medicinal plants, farming, chemistry, research, education and SYSTEMS, and loves that she has found a way to combine them all in the work that she does.  

She has a Certificate of Herbal Medicine from the Botanologos School of Herbal Studies and an M.S. in Horticulture from the University of Georgia. She studied holy basil for her master’s research, evaluating different varieties of holy basil for their essential oil content. You can learn more out her holy basil research HERE.

She is currently in the second year working towards her PhD in Horticulture. Her research is focused on CBD hemp, and studying how different drying methods affect the chemistry of the plant.

Follow along on her journey to becoming an herbal farmer/scientist, and learn about growing medicinal herbs on her instagram @iamnoellejoy.


Erica Head

UGArden Herbs Student Assistant Manager


She is majoring in human development and family sciences with a minor in human services. She just completed her freshman year at UGA. She loves cats and coffee. She is on the UGA women’s club rugby team.




Abbie Dillon

UGArden Herbs Student Product Manufucturer