Holy Basil ‘Kapoor’, 4oz


Ingredients: Ocimum tenuiflorum



Ingredients: Ocimum tenuiflorum

Holy basil is my favorite medicinal herb! There are many varieties of holy basil that all have unique tastes. It was actually part of a research project conducted at UGArden and you can go HERE to read about the research. It is in the same family as culinary basil but has a very different flavor. This holy basil variety tastes a bit warming, a bit licorice-y, and a bit citrusy. It is originally from India and used in their healing tradition Ayurveda. It is well suited to our growing climate and is very prolific and beloved by many pollinators. It is an adaptogen, which means it is a medicinal herb that can help reduce the negative affects of stress. It also benefits the immune system and may help with blood sugar balance.

I love making tea with the dried holy basil leaves. I also enjoy finding ways to incorporate it into body care items and in the kitchen. Some examples include infusing holy basil into oil. I love using a holy basil infused grapeseed oil for my moisturizer, and a holy basil infused olive oil that I use in salad dressings. I will make a strong holy basil and hibiscus tea and add honey and lemon juice and freeze them into herbal popsicles in the summertime. I also really like dried holy basil powdered and mixed into some melted dark chocolate with toasted unsweetened coconut for a lovely herbal chocolate bark (check out this article in the AJC for the chocolate recipe).