Calendula, 4oz


Ingredients: Calendula officinalis



Ingredients: Calendula officinalis

This plant is such a ray of sunshine in the garden. It is very versatile and can be used internally or externally. Internally it offers gentle support to the lymphatic system, and can helps to sooth inflammation in the digestive tract. Externally it can be used on anything from bugs bites, stings, burns, abrasions, chronic sores and wounds.

Calendula has a really nice nutty flavor that goes well in a tea. For skincare products, my favorite preparation is infusing it into olive oil and mixed with beeswax to make an all-purpose salve. I also like to use the calendula infused olive oil as a culinary oil since it tastes a bit nutty and cheesy. Another option is to use the beautiful orange petals as a decoration on food items, like cupcakes.