Spark magic by growing medicinal herbs in local communities


We model profitable herb-growing to improve the health of our land and community through education, research and collaboration.


Entrepreneurship: we are a thought leader in promoting profitability for growers.

Innovation: we think outside the box

Education: we learn, we do, then we teach

Collaboration: all ideas are welcome

Curiosity: guides our research, inspires new discoveries, and teaches us to ask better questions

Generosity: we give because we are abundantly blessed

Diversity: of people, ideas and disciplines

Connection: to ourselves, each other and the earth

Passion: we do work that makes us come alive

Resilience: designing systems that respect nature while enhancing productivity

Our Story

A small medicinal garden was founded back in 2012 by Maisie Loo, Master Gardener, who found her niche teaching students and community members about the process of turning fresh herbs into medicinal teas. After retiring in 2017, the herb program was turned over to Noelle Fuller, a UGA Double Dawg, who did her masters research on holy basil, a primary ingredient in many of our teas.

The herbs are grown using organic practices. Once harvested, they are air dried, processed, and eventually mixed together to form a line of herbal products that are sold in the community.

In 2018 UGArden Herbs recieved an Experiential Learning grant from the University of Georgia. The grant paid for a part-time salary for one year for the program manager to build the UGArden Herbs business, and collaborate with students from different disciplines on campus. It led to collaborations with the New Media Institute, UGA Entrepreneurship, Agribusiness, Freshman Odyssey and more! We have been able to connect with students, and offer opportunities to get involved in areas ranging from organic herb cultivation, business, finances, marketing, technology and event promotion. 

We have also started an internship where UGA students can get class credit to work in the medicinal herb program and learn about growing herbs and making herbal products. 

UGArden Herbs is a wonderful place to learn and grow. Keep reading to see all the products we make, and ways that you can get involved!


Noelle Fuller

UGArden Herbs Program Director


I love my job. I love that I get to introduce students to the magic of growing their medicine while facilitating collaborations with students groups on campus. I get to  learn about entrepreneurship and facilitate and consult on research projects that deal with improving medicinal herb production. I also get to teach and share my passion for cultivating medicinal herbs!

I have a Certificate of Herbal Medicine from the Botanologos School of Herbal Studies and an M.S. in Horticulture from the University of Georgia. I focused on holy basil for my master’s research, lucky me, right?

In May 2019 I will start my PhD in Horticulture!

Ellie Thomas

UGArden Herbs Student Assistant Manager

I was lucky to stumble upon Ugarden the spring of my junior year. I was even more lucky to work in the herb garden my first day and meet Noelle! I came back the following summer to work the herb internship. I ended up staying on for fall and spring as the student assistant manager and have loved every minute of it! I enjoy seeing the therapeutic effects working with the herbs has on volunteers along with the connections they make to each other. UGArden Herbs does more than educate students and community members about sustainable gardening and business, it facilitates open conversations and a sharing of ideas between those involved.

I will graduate in May 2019 with a degree in Psychology and Sociology from the University of Georgia.

Eileen Schaeffer 

Graduate Student Assistant 


I owe my current graduate education to UGarden’s medicinal herb plot! I moved to Athens after completing an apprenticeship and Holistic Herbalist Certification at the Blue Ridge School of Herbal Medicine in Asheville, NC. As a fresh transplant, I started volunteering at UGArden’s medicinal herb plot to stay in touch with plants. I was so impressed with the production that I decided to pursue a Masters of Agribusiness specializing in the medicinal herb market.

Working at UGArden has been the best part of my collegiate life. I also run a business, Herb Girls Athens, with another UGA graduate, Amy Wright. We spread herbal education and traditional cooking techniques with our Nutritional Therapy background. I studied Ecology and Biodiversity as an undergrad at Sewanee: University of the South in Tennessee with a focus on butterflies and moths. I also hold a Permaculture Design and Master Gardener certification. I love how medicinal herbs merge my great loves of ecology, gardening, and the healing arts.

Spring 2019 Interns

We could not do what we do at UGArden Herbs without the help of these hard-working interns!

From left to right:

Angelic Rusk, Meg Carlton, Amelia Payne, Shay Walters, Emily Justice, Emily Newsome